Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio is one of the symbol of Florence city and one of the most famous place in the world for shopping. You can find, on Ponte Vecchio, the most important Goldsmith and silversmith shops in Florence, and just at the beginning of the Bridge, Palazzo Pitti side, you can find Peruzzi Brothers’ showroom and the workshops.
Since 1860 the company Headquarters has always been Ponte Vecchio.
It’s difficult to give a righ date to Ponte Vecchio birth , the current appearance is due, according to some historians, to Taddeo Gaddi Or Neri from Fioravante but the feature which makes it unique is surely due to Vasari work.
In 1565 Vasari, commissioned by Cosimo dei Medici, built Corridor Vasariano joining Palazzo Pitti (the residence) to Palazzo Vecchio (Medici’s offices).
Until 1593 Ponte Vecchio was the place where you could find the butcher’s shops (in Florentine dialect “i beccai”) which could disperse meat waistes in Arno.
In 1593 Ferdinando I, to prevent smells from meat, decided Ponte Vecchio had to be occupied exclusively by goldsmith shops.